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How to Become a Travel Agent

Do you want to become a travel agent but don’t know where to start? If you’ve already done some research you probably discovered that there are as many ways to become a travel agent as there are people selling travel agent training packages and travel agent business opportunities. We do not sell any travel agent training packages or travel agent business opportunities and therefore we hope we can provide some unbiased information and good recommendations.

In this section we will start by providing some background information on the travel agent industry to put things in perspective. We will then identify the different types of travel agents based on their training, types of travel products they sell and office locations. Finally, we will outline what we believe to be the best way to become a professional travel agent with the highest probability of success. Along the way we will introduce you to various travel industry organizations with links for additional research. We also have one of the most complete lists of travel agent training schools.

As with most other careers, a successful travel agent career is dependent on a good education. Anybody that tells you that you can become a travel agent without a good up-front travel agent training is lying to you. They are probably trying to sell you something and are only concerned about getting your money. Please be very careful and do your research before you make a decision.


The travel industry today is a very exciting and vibrant industry, constantly changing with the latest technology. For some people this can be very intimidating and downright scary. For others it is just an opportunity. In order to succeed as a travel agent, you must be flexible, adapting to the latest technologies and trends.

To succeed as a travel agent, you must also have an outgoing personality, a passion for travel, and a strong desire to share that passion with others. When customers come to you, they may not always know exactly what they want. It is up to you to use your knowledge and experience to quickly analyze your customers’ wants and needs and put together a vacation package that exceeds their expectations and they will never forget.

However, being a travel agent is not for everyone. It requires a lot of hard tedious work. You have to interact with all kinds of people and always be friendly, courteous and treat people with respect.

The travel industry is also very competitive. It is part of the reason for the rise in home-based travel agents. Working from home keeps the overall cost low allowing you to more effectively compete with online travel agencies and suppliers that have their own online booking engines. Ultimately, the service you provide will distinguish you from all the online booking engines and keep customers coming back.

So analyze yourself, and be honest. Is this what you really want to do? If yes, then continue reading, the travel industry may very well be for you.

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